Here are some examples of software I have created using Max/MSP.


Smack My Batch Up is a software tool for generating new sounds by processing old ones with VST plug-ins. The processing is automated so you can leave it running (once it has been set up) leaving you free to go and do other things. You can give it a folder of sounds and it will pass each one in turn through the effects and record them back onto your hard disk, ready for when you get back.​

Additional controls:


Smack My Batch Up is available for Windows or Mac and can be downloaded for free from the links below:

Smack My Batch Up for Windows
Smack My Batch Up for OSX

​It comes with a PDF manual and you can also watch this tutorial video:




The Doom Machine is a software instrument I designed for the performance of dark ambient music; a genre of music I am a big fan of. Watch the video above to see how it works.

Here is a recording of me improvising with The Doom Machine. If you like what you hear please feel free to contact me if you would like more information or to book a performance.